fredag 16 augusti 2013

"nothing is more revealing than nudity, even when it's dressed"

i helgen som var besökte jag Helmut Newton utställningen på Fotografiska i Stockholm, något som stått på min to lista sedan i våras och jag blev verkligen inte besviken... en fantastisk utställning som överträffade mina förväntningar... jag bara älskar Helmut Newton och hans härliga citat berörde mig lika mycket som hans bilder redan gjort. Jag kan varmt rekommendera ett besök på fotografiska.

 "nothing is more revealing than nudity, even when it's dressed."

 "I love vulgunarity. I am very atracted by bad taste - it is a lot more exiciting than that supposed good taste which is nothing more than a standardlized way of looking at things... if the art world rejects me, all I can say is "Good luck to the world of art". If I look for a real point of view, I am not going to start by looking at what art will accept so I can conform to that. That's why... sadomasochism still seems interesting to me today. I always carry chains and padlocks in my car trunk. Not for me but for my photos."

"I still believe that the perfect fashion photograph is a photograph that does not look like a fashion photograph. (It) looks like a movie, a media portrait, maybe a souvenir shot, maybe a paparazzi shot."

"I do love reactions, I seek them out. Don't like kindness and niceness. The fact that I shock doesn't come from desire to provoke. But, when I'm trying to attain a new photographic effect, new visual tentsions, some subjects just impose themselves on me. The only provovation I loathe is that of the surrealist image. In my universe, it can have no place."

 "I love photographing people I love, the people I admire, the famous and especially the infamous."

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